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Friday, November 11, 2011

diario _ dia VII (08/11/11)

(ES version soon)

In my project I would like to activate the points/areas in the city – those with the invisible stories and special codes. Now, I’m working on the type of archiving all the data from Valadares, way of division all the data into some clear groups, transforming them also into a visual language and on the methods of code and decode...
During my research phase, I found really huge amount of interesting projects. I would like to present you below two examples of the projects about the maps and activated areas. The first of them relates to Geotaggers’ World Atlas. Those maps are kind of visual interpretion of the quantity of photos which were taken in the city. The photo locations come from the public Flickr and Picasa search APIs. The first serie of maps is general, the second ‘Local and Tourist’ is connected more with a type of photographer.

The second project ‘Missed Connections’ is connected with The Center for Missed Connections (CMC). CMC is a research center which make a studies of loneliness in urban environments through analyzing posts on the kind of forum: Craigslist. Then those analisis are presented on the interesting maps.

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