III _ project is going to International Architecture Festival EME3 _ 28.06 - 15.07.2012 Barcelona _ selected for exhibition

II _ artist-in-residence _ alg-a lab 01.11-03.12.2011 Valadares/Vigo _ diary of the residence

I _ Strangelet Festiv-all 08-2011, Valadares/Vigo _ interactive installation


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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm happy to announce that this project is selected for presentation for International Architecture Festival EME3 which will take place in Barcelona on June/July 2012!

layout of interactive map which will serve as daily-life archive of Valadares

here you can also read an article about the project in polish language: http://www.sztuka-architektury.pl/index.php?ID_PAGE=35250

and link to festival: eme3.org

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