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Monday, October 10, 2011


vigo via google

my path in the city

Here a few words about an idea and the materials which served me as a basis for the project.
The idea came to my mind during my everyday path throughout the town. For the project, I collected the photos of streets which I passed almost every day, the streets which I know the best. As Vigo is not my home town, I look at it without deep-rooted affection, as if from the side. I mean, I’m somewhere in the middle between the inhabitant and the tourist here: in-between. But it does not mean that I treat Vigo without immersion and positive feelings. On the material above, you can see my paths.

And one good fresh info, the project will have the continuation in the another part of Vigo, I’ll try to create a subjective map of whole district with help of inhabitants. More about that soon.

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