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Thursday, November 10, 2011

diario _ dia VI (07/11/11)

(ES version soon)

Let’s forget about map in the traditional way and let’s try to think about the concrete space. Each space become alive with the first step of first person, and then turn into a place. A place in the meaning of the dynamic point/area of the map. In my project I will follow this way of understaning of maps. Recently I participated in dreamhamar project – which offer a new way of thinking about the design process of the real square in a norwegian city. For this project, searching for some storytelling places in the web, I discovered wonderful archive with old photos from Hamar. They could give us some hints how the places were used some time ago. This kind of sources – archives – are really important and allow us involve also a historical aspect into a present project. I mean, not even an official history but also that more important to me – a daily one. Because of this charming archive which I mentioned above, I decide to explore this field more. The most magnifique project that I found it’s a Historypin. On this website, you could find old pictures which are composed into a google street views. This way a multilayered story of a place becomes visible for us. So thinking about the components of a dynamic place – one of them will be a visual aspect.

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