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II _ artist-in-residence _ alg-a lab 01.11-03.12.2011 Valadares/Vigo _ diary of the residence

I _ Strangelet Festiv-all 08-2011, Valadares/Vigo _ interactive installation


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

strangelet festiv-all v2 _ part 1

25-08-2011, 12:00 the photo was taken just after the installation in alg-a lab

This part of project is made for II Festiv-all Strangelet Intergalaico which will take place on 26th and 27th of August in alg-a lab in Valladares/Vigo in Spain.

"My installation is a kind of interactive game with the public. Yellow, orange, pastel, plaster, brick, dirty brown, white, cream, gray stone three times, yellowish ....
Everyone has his image of each street, each has developed a different sense more: sight, hearing, smell ....
Words, smells, colors, details, numbers....
The type of documentation of the environment, but more subjective than a normal one.

RULES: The initial shape of my map of Vigo is incomplete. White fragments are left for you - the public. They are to recall memories, to think about the city, to reflect a little. What I ask you is to draw on the white spaces. It is not necessary to draw exactly what is on this site. It may be only one colour or some colours, some lines, some forms, something else that it brings in your mind. If you do not want to draw, I leave you this space to write something.
Please try to fill my map with your intimate accents. So we created together, a city code in a form of 'special patchwork'- mosaic of images, memories, thoughts."

The example of photo with space for drawing.

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